• ISA to partner with Digital Bridge Andean Tower Holdings, LLC (Digital Bridge), in ATP Tower Holdings, LLC (ATP).

February 23, 2017 - ISA has consummated an agreement to invest up to USD$80 million in Andean Tower Partners (“ATP”) for the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Colombia and Peru. ATP owns, operates, and manages passive telecommunications infrastructure in Colombia and Peru, with plans to expand into the Andean Region. Its business is to operate and manage towers and sites for mobile operator infrastructure deployment including new technologies like small cells and DAS (distributed antenna systems) to help meet mobile connectivity growing demand.

With this investment into ATP, ISA increases its presence in the telecommunications infrastructure segment which is projected to grow substantially in the coming years in Colombia and Peru. This growth is due to the increasing demand for connectivity, particularly mobile data, in these countries and globally.

For the development of this business, ISA will partner with Digital Bridge, a North American company with an extensive proven track in the infrastructure sector in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. ISA will have a stake of 48% in ATP.

From a strategic standpoint, this investment is complementary to ISA Group’s already existing infrastructure, enabling it to diversify its business portfolio and leverage INTERNEXA’s (an ISA subsidiary) unique network elements to provide increased capacity and bandwidth services.

Bernardo Vargas Gibsone, CEO of ISA, commented “the participation in this new business, complementary to the infrastructure developed and managed by ISA, is important for us, since it allows us to participate in an industry with strong growth potential, with the right partner who has as outstanding experience and know-how as Digital Bridge. At the same time, this will enable us to leverage our strategy in a profitable way.”

Marc C. Ganzi, CEO of Digital Bridge, remarked "We are honored to have a business partnership with ISA and look forward to a successful long-term relationship. ISA’s unique footprint of transmission and telecommunications infrastructure in the Andean region will be very attractive to our wireless clients as they deploy their 4G networks in 2017 and beyond."

About Andean Tower Partners

ATP is a privately-owned provider of wireless communication infrastructure in the Andean region. The company owns, operates and manages telecommunications towers, rooftops, and site locations. ATP was founded in 2015 by Digital Bridge executive team with a two-decade proven track record in the telecommunications infrastructure sector. ATP is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. About Digital Bridge Holdings

Founded in 2013 by Marc C. Ganzi and Ben Jenkins, Digital Bridge is focused on the ownership, investment, and active management of companies in the communications infrastructure sector. Since inception, Digital Bridge has raised over $5.2 billion of debt and equity capital used to acquire and invest in the development of communications infrastructure businesses, including DataBank, ExteNet, Vertical Bridge, Andean Tower Partners, and Mexico Tower Partners.

About ISA

ISA is recognized today as a Multi-Latin leader with broad technical experience who carries out its activities within the framework of corporate sustainability. Directly and through its 33 affiliates and subsidiaries, it is currently implementing important infrastructure projects that boost the continent´s progress and contribute to the advancement of the inhabitants of Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, and Central America.

ISA carries out important projects in Linear Infrastructure Systems that drive development in the continent. In order to achieve this, it focuses its activities on Electric Power Transmission, Road Concessions, Telecommunication Transmission and Management of Real-time Systems.

For nearly 50 years, ISA has distinguished itself with the efficient and reliable provision of its services, in a framework of respect for human rights and protection of the environment, with the aim to promote regional sustainability and competitiveness, improvement of quality of life and the development of the societies where it operates. All of this is thanks to a team comprised of more than 3,600 highly qualified and committed workers.